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7-year-old girl raises N99 million for her brain surgery by selling lemonade



A little girl’s resolve to help find a solution to her medical condition has led her to reportedly raise $260,000 (N99m) for her brain surgery.

7-year-old Liza Scott opened a lemonade stand to help pay for her own brain surgery.

Mother of the brave girl from Alabama, USA, revealed that she suffered a seizure on Saturday, January 30, and the doctors discovered that Liza had three cerebral malformations on her brain.

The three malformations include a cleft, an aneurysm and a Dural Arteriovenous Fistula which is an uncommon vascular condition where abnormal connections are made between branches of arteries and veins.

The doctors however advised that she needed to get an urgent surgery so as to prevent possible stroke, hemorrhage or seizure.

However, to alleviate her family’s burden of raising funds for the surgery and medical bills, little Liza asked her mother to build her a lemonade stand in their family bakery.

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In her stand, she sold sweet treats and lemonades while encouraging people to buy so as to channel the proceeds to her medication.

Her story then went viral and she ended up receiving donations totaling up to $260,000 (N98,995,000).

Liza’s first surgery is scheduled for today, March 4, and she will be required to take a flight to Boston Children’s Hospital.

The family also confirmed that they did not only get donations but also free flights for the seven-year-old and her mom and free accommodation during their stay in Boston.

“You have no idea how loved we feel, it has been overwhelming, but amazing. It has kind of allowed me to step away from some of the emotions,” said the mum during an interview with a local TV station.

The family thanked good Samaritans who rallied behind their daughter and supported her in her initiative to raise money for her hospital fee.

Liza says she intends to continue selling lemonade as soon as she leaves the hospital and feels better.

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Why it is important to help your friends get rich – Davido explains



Nigerian Pop singer and 30 Billion Gang founder, David Adeleke, popularly known as,  Davido, has spoken on why it is necessary for people in advantaged positions to help their friends gain financially stability.

According to him, people should learn how to help their friends get rich so that when a situation arises where there is a huge financial burden they can help relieve the responsibility.

Davido stated that such moves to uplift each other would come in handy whenever one goes to a club with friends and he is experiencing some form of monetary constraints.

In his words;

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”Put ur niggas on so dem fit pay club bill wen ur leg Dey shake. choke”

See his post below:


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Woman gets N347k reward months after returning N172k mistakenly sent to her account



A Kenyan woman’s honest deed has paid off for her as she got cash reward months after returning some money erroneously sent to her account.

Grace recounted how she was going through a challenging time as her mother was suffering from cervical cancer and had been hospitalised at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

In an interview with Legit, the lady said at the time she was going through emotional and financial distress, a total of KSh 49, 556 (N172k) was mistakenly sent into her Mpesa account by one Hussain Ali Hussein.

However, the unknown man who had sent the cash called her minutes later, and pleaded with her to return the money with fear audible in his voice as he was not sure whether she was willing to return the money to him.

In her words; “I had Fuliza and thus when his money came into my phone, about KSh 2,500 was deducted and I was left with 47, 000 which I gladly returned to him.”

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Her honesty impressed Hussein and from then, a friendship that would later turn her life around for the better began. The chatted with each other from time to time and a few months later, her mother succumbed to cancer.

When Hussein learnt of her loss, he sent her a whopping KSh 100,000 (N347k) along with his condolence message.

“During the time burial, he also offered me his five-seater vehicle to help in the transport arrangements.” she added.

Grace would later learn that Hussein is actually a son of a prominent person in the country and he later connected her to a job in which she is currently working with him as her boss.


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