On today business discussion, we will talk or discuss about some famouse paid business in Nigeria and all what you need know about them.

First, i could like us to look round the state and guess what the country is currently or really consuming the most. In Nigeria they are some famuse and we’ll paid business that people engaged in daily for living sake.

Most of this business are owned by organizations while some are controlled by single individual for the purpose or aim of supplying the country needs and wants. Mind you most of this business about to be list, are scheduled on how, where and when it will actually work.

Business men in the country study carefully the season to know when they people will be in needs of this items, so when it will be available, they won’t be a rejection for any. A lots of business are all round the state, we may not mention on this article your kind of business but you should have it in mind that, this business pay awesomely due to there daily, monthly or yearly request by the consumers in the country.

Below is the Six (6) Famous Paid Business In Nigeria and how it really work to meet the consumers needs.

1. Hotel Business:-
In Nigeria, hotel business has become one of the famous and paid business that is very common in any area of the state. The reasons is behind this is simply, hotel is one of the quite place that business men prefer discussing or exchange of business ideas. Another beautiful part of it is that, hotel help the travelers from long distance to pass a night, be it local or luxurious one as said, the useful part is very large.

They are always capable of covering up to nothing less than two hundred thousand weekly, that’s for local once because each room cost is five thousand calculated by how many rooms the hotel has. Same thing with big or luxurious ones as well. With this a lot of country men has dedicated much into investing on the business.

2. Transportation:-
In all part of Nigeria, transportation is one of the major and fantastic business that has help in encouraging and growth of the country economy. How? Transportation help to made things much available in the needed area’s within few time.

Some people who can’t really trade distance on the transportation business work within the a particular state and this help the people to move around easily. Most period transportation business kick high in Nigeria is the festive period like december, the cost of transporting people goods from Lagos to Cross River state becomes high because of huge numbers of people or customers requesting for it.

During this period, the transporters are entitled to earn more incomes because it cost has increased not as usual. Infact transportation has no fixed price in the country, on a normal ground it very cheaper then skyrocket during the festive period.

3. Car Dealers:-

This are one of the top business earners in Nigeria, this kind of business help the owners to trade mostly in millions. The costs of cars currently in Nigeria has just the lowest price of 1.5 million naira. So anyone who’s into buying and selling of cars in Nigeria, is applicable that he or she is trading under millions of naira because of the cash involved in the business.

Although not everyone are capable of starting this business, but for the people who are into it, seemed getting a better respond in the business. This today is one of the most popular business in Nigeria, and most time the owners of this business are recognized in the country business of the business popularity.

Becoming a dealer in Nigeria has it positive ways, because the business is of one the popular business that push huge money due to it popularity.

4. Restaurant:-
Every food restaurant in Nigeria are making millions of money. The business is cool one that has gained it popularity long time ago.
Without any doubt, restaurant business has much contribution to the society and help people get quick way of pleasing themselves.

This is how restaurant business became one of the popular business in Nigeria, most time when you are very busy in the office and can get yourself either breakfast or lunch, the only option maybe you getting food outside, then going to get this food from those will be your next plans, and your colleagues as well will like same.

This business became very abd Still one of top famuse business in Nigeria today because of it quick ways of responding to customers request.

5. P. O. S:-
This mini banking was introduced some year’s ago, but currently now in Nigeria is leading and is among the top most engaged business in the country. The cost if starting this business is just a token.
The Nigerian citizen prefer using the mini banking known as the POS, than going to into the banking hall, and most time this prevent you from waisting much time and save some for other things.

POS became popular not long after it introduction to the state and is among the tending business in Nigeria.

6. Renting Of House:-
This partner of business is year or annual earning but very profitable and less stress.
The business became popular through the foreigners who migrated from others country into Nigeria. When most of them arrive, the only option the have is for them to look for someone or people who have available house space and ready to give it out annually for exchange of money.

Because of it continuously requesting process, the house business became very popular. But mind you, this business also involved the Nigerian citizen who want to move or change a location, you will have to pay for new place or house so you can gain access to it.

Due to this reasons, the business became among one of top most engaged business in Nigeria, and this has also made a lot of people to invest on it not because of the popularity but huge money which is involved.


In Nigeria as you can see, the above listed business are the few business that went famous or popular business of customers request and consumptions. We all know that any goods or services that has high request will automatically become famuse. Although your own kind of business may not be listed here but few ones here has gained a lot of masses without much advertisement.

In assumption, if any of the listed business here could be losing it value as time goes on, I strongly doubt it that Restaurant Business will not be among, because human being and entitle to eat to gain strength and to live, and we can’t do without food.

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