A lady identified as Mary has missed an opportunity of a lifetime after she rudely responded to her employer’s messages after she was contacted about the job.

In the chat, the employer texted Mary by asking her about her welfare and the next thing Mary asked was who the person is and how the person got her number.

The employer felt Mary was rude and asked her to calm down and hear what he has to say but Mary replied rudely to that as well by saying “What Nonsense, don’t tell me 2 calm down, who is this”.

The Employer went ahead to properly introduce himself and his business for chatting with her. Mary then realized that she has been rude to the person who was supposed to give her the opportunity she has been fighting for almost a year.

Her rudeness led the man to cancel the offer and told her she was not fit for the opportunity.

Most ladies are fond of rudely replying to men when they contact them. Others go to the extent of insulting them without even hearing what the person has to say or his mission. They always presume that any guy that enters their dm is in to toast her ad have a relationship with them. Even if that is the person’s mission, it does not call for rudeness.

See the chat below:

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