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[Story] The CEO and Me – Episode 20 [Completed]

“Hey Lena! Is the cake ready?” My no so little brother asked me.

“Yeah. I will be there in a few minutes.”

Kade turns 15 in four months. Time just flies by. He is a freshman in high school and a very gifted and talented football player. I still remember how excited he was to make the varsity team as a freshman.

Brian and I didn’t want to rush into our wedding. We decided to wait two years until we finally tied the knot. Eight years later we are just as happy and in love as we were all those years ago.

“Mommy,” I heard bring me from my thoughts, “I want daddy.”

“Okay. Go ahead sweetheart.”

“Lena, cake.”

“Just a second.”

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Today is Brian’s 30th birthday. He only wanted immediate family at our house for the party. Meaning Claire Matthews (his mother), Carly, Kade, Sadie, and I.

Carly flew in from Paris last week. At 26, she is one of the most respected fashion designers out there. Once she finished high school she went on to get her degree in fashion. She graduated top in her class. She comes and visits us very often, spoiling her niece with every possible chance she has.

Sadly, Brian’s father passed away seven years ago. Things began to look up and right after our wedding he went down hill. It was a rough time for Brian but I was there every step of the way.

Brian’s mother is everything I could had ever wanted. She is the mother that I lost all that time ago. After the loss of her husband, she stayed strong and was there for both of her children. She wasn’t going to leave them.


“Okay. It’s ready,” I said getting ready to pick up the cake.

“Nope,” Kade said picking up the cake and looking down.

I looked down and seen my bulging stomach. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention I’m pregnant with mine and Brian’s second child.

“Okay, go ahead and bring it in there.”

I graduated from Yale six years ago with the business degree I always dreamed of. NC Records hired me as soon as I graduated. It’s not like I married the CEO or anything. Mr. Winters, my so called grandfather, never met Brian up for the meeting to discuss why he didn’t go through with the merger. To this day, neither Brian nor I have spoke to him.

I went to where everyone was for Brian’s get together. We sang happy birthday and Brian walked over my way.

“There is my beautiful wife and my son or daughter,” Brian said placing a hand on my stomach and leaning in to give me a kiss.

“Happy Birthday to my amazing wonderful husband.”

Brian is everything I could have ever wanted in a husband, father for our two kids, or brother-in-law for Kade.

“Brian, let’s open presents!” Kade said walking over to the present table.

Brian went through them leaving mine for last. He picked it up and went to open the present. He opened the lid and looked confused.

“Lena, does this mean what I think it means?”

“It does,” I said smiling.

Inside the box was a blue baby outfit.

“We are going to have a boy,” he whispered to me.

“We are going to have a boy!” He said louder as he picked up our daughter, “Sadie you’re going to have a little brother?”

“Brother!” Sadie said laughing.

“I’ll teach him all he wants to know about football,” Kade said walking over to us.

“I’ll spoil him just the same as my little Sadie,” Carly said grabbing Sadie from Brian’s arms, “Okay. Maybe a little different.”

“Now if Carly will start on my some grand babies,” Claire said walking over to Carly.

“Yeah right mother. I am way too focused right now.”

Oh yeah. Remember Carly’s ex-boyfriend, Chris? The one that she brought home to rebel against her parents? Well, Chris works at NC Records and went to one of the business parties. Carly, of course, came to support her brother. Carly and Chris met up and talked all night. They are still together and it’s been two years.

“Well I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that,” Carly said pulling something from her pocket, “he kinda, sorta proposed and I kinda, sorta said yes.”

“My baby!” Claire said running over to her daughter.

The only person I haven’t told you about is Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith passed away four years ago. She brought so much joy to Kade and even Sadie.

“Lena,” Brian said bringing me from my thoughts.


“I love you.”

“And I love you,” I said kissing him.

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