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[Story] His Bartender – Part 21 [Completed]

After getting married we decided not to go on a honey moon, with a new baby in my arms there is definitely no time to have a vacation. As a mother it is my responsibility to take care of her.

She moved in my arms as I fed her a bottle of warm milk and I smiled down gently running my hand on her head.

“I see you guys are having lunch?” Chris said as he peaked into the bedroom.

“We are, she is trying to hold a bottle now.” I said smiling down at her.

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“Guess she is just like her mother.” Christopher quietly walked over to me and bent down looking at Jessica smiling at her. He had just came back from work early because we are having some friends over for dinner and I obviously need help.

“Do you know what we are going to cook for tonight?” I asked looking at him.

I smiled at him, “Sure, I have not made it in a while and I do miss it.”

I do not know if me in Christopher would be together forever, it is not something I want to think about. But if something were to happen, I know that at this moment I do not regret anything that I been through with him. He makes me happy like no one else ever did, and he is the only person in this world that makes me believe in love.

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