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[Story] His Bartender – Part 16

Searching Family
If you forgot what happened, Chris saved Mia from a crazy ass gang leader and they started to date. Mia thought that Chris cheated on her but he explained everything and they made up at a dinner. This is the next chapter 😉

Mia P.O.V

Chris wasn’t a fan of me working at the club, and I was getting tired to stay there all night serving drinks. So I decided to quit and work at the local library. It was a lot quieter than a club. Sometimes after organizing books I would just read a romance novel or sci-fiction. In the evening there was a small club for the kids. I would read them stories or we would play a couple of games like charades.

One thing that has been bothering me is that I haven’t heard from my parents in a while. Maybe they went to a place were there was no reception. I do not want to think that they might have forgot about me because I’m the only child. How could they forget. My mother calls me all the time almost every single day.

I felt masculine hands massage my shoulders. I looked up and saw Chris looking down at me smiling, “You look like something has been bothering you. Do you want to talk about it?”

I exhaled as he walked around the couch and sat next to me. He placed his white coffee cup on the coffee table and looked at me with worry in his eyes.

“It’s just been a couple of weeks since I heard from my parents.” I said, showing sadness on my face because I couldn’t hide it.

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He placed his arm around my shoulder, and I leaned in on his chest, “This positive Mia. They probably went to a place that didn’t have much reception. Or they’re just want to relax.”

“I was thinking that too. But they’re relaxing all the time, is it that hard to make one phone call to their only daughter?”

He took a deep breath. And I knew he did not know what to say.

I snuggled closer to him smelling his cologne not in a creepy way, “Can you check on them?” I murmured.

“What do you mean?” he asked, confused.

“You’re a cop. Can’t you like check the records or something. Figure out were they are. I’m really worried Chris.”

“Alright, anything for you baby. Just give me as much of information you can about them and I will see what my guys can do.”

I leaned up and kissed his cheek, “Thanks.”

And for the rest of the night we continued watching television.


Christopher P.O.V.

“Good morning Sir.”, officer Jackson said as he passed by me with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Morning, oh wait.” I stopped him.

“Yes? You need something? I just turned the papers in…” he trailed off, thinking that he was in trouble.

“Come to my office,” I said, and we both walked towards my door.

As we got settled inside, I grabbed the papers that Mia gave them about her parents and placed it in front of him, “My girlfriend, Mia Bellerose, has parents traveling around the world. Last night she told me that she hasn’t heard from them for a couple of weeks. Her mother calls her almost everyday and she never misses more than three days. I want you to find information on were could they be. She gave me their information like names, last names, security numbers, passport, were they were last seen…”

“No problem sir. I almost wanted to be like a detective,”

We both laughed, “I’m sure you do. But really Jackson this is starting to make me a little bit nervous about the whole situation.”

“Of course sir. I’ll start working on it after lunch and tell you what I find by tonight.”

We shook hands and he grabbed the papers that I gave him. I leaned back on my chair and took a deep breath. Hopefully nothing will happen.

I know that Donati gang is all over the world, and just because the leader is now dead it doesn’t mean that the rest of them are. The second in charge is still somewhere out there. But I don’t know were.

*30 minutes before leaving work*

I heard a knock on my door, “Come in.” I said in a strict voice.

“Sir, I have some news.” Jackson said walking in with a small stack of papers.” He looked a bit scared and he had sweat running down his forehead.

“Let me hear it.”

“I have good news and devastating news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

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To be continued…

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