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[Story] His Bartender – Part 12

Mia P.O.V.

As we walked towards the police car I saw Andre and Jackson leaning against the hood talking to each other. They both had large black coats on top of them and you could see the guns pointing out from their belt. Christopher placed his arm around my shoulder and brought me closer to him.

When we approached closer Andre turned his attention towards us and smirked.

“Damn nice blood stain Mia.” Andre said looking at my chest. Chris hit his side with his elbow making him groan, “Watch your mouth.”

Jackson chuckled sipping on his coffee,”So everything is good?”

“Yes, we just have to question Mia of what happened exactly.” Chris said looking down at me and back up.

“Question me right now?”

“Yes,” Chris said looking down at me, scrunching his eyebrows, “Is there something wrong?”

“Not really, I’m just tired and hungry.”

“There’s some food in the office, plus if you will go to bed now you might forget some of the information in the morning.”

I groaned, “Fine, I would need some coffee though and a good Chipotle burrito.”


Once we got into the police station, I felt myself starting to shiver. Do they not have the heater on? There were some people sitting on the benches others on the phone trying to contact their loved once. Some teens obviously were caught during their curfew. I shook my head, I remember when I was here when I was in 10th grade.

Me and my friends decided that it would be fun to go onto this park and cops showed up. They took us to the police station and we had to call our parents. My mom wasn’t mad because she knew we were out this late. She pretended that she was mad at me but when we got into the car she laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, turning my head to her.

“Oh, I just remembered when I was your age I did a whole lot worse.”

I raised my eyebrow, “Like what?”

“I’ll tell you when you’re over 18.” she winked and turned left.

Christopher held onto my waist and pulled me towards an office. It had hard wooden floors with white walls. On the left wall there were certificates and some diplomas. On the right, there were pictures of police officers, shelves filled with books, and a map of our city with a bunch of writing and dots on it.

All the way at the end of the room I saw a black desk with a large desktop. Christopher went around me and sat down behind it.

I raised my eyebrow at him, “This is your office?”

“Yup, you like it?”

I looked all over again, “Could you some light, maybe a window.”

He chuckled, “We’re building a new office right now. This is all I have, for now.”

I nodded and sat down at one of the leather chairs. After a few moments three men came in the room. Two of them were wearing black suits and one was a police officer with gun on his belt and some papers in his right hand.

The sat down in a chair in front of me and one sat on the couch right next to me. I glanced at Chris and saw him glare at the guy next to me. Please don’t tell me that he’s the jealous type, I prayed inside of my head.

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“Alright Mia, all we’re going to do is to ask you some questions that happened tonight. We would appreciate that you tell us the truth and only the truth. If you forgot something please inform us about it. This whole interview will be recorded and if we have any other questions after today we will give you a call. Any questions?” a man in front of me asked taking out his voice recorder.

I nodded my head, “Yes sir.” I looked at Chris and he gave me a warming smile that made me feel a lot better about the whole situation.

“Alright, Mia please tell us your story all the way from the beginning.”

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves, “Well, about two days ago (A/N I don’t remember for how long she was kidnapped. I would say 2? If you guys remember just comment below. Thanks.) I was at Christopher’s house. It was in the morning and I was on the couch watching TV while he went to fix his car in the garage.”

The man nodded and I continued, “And then all the sudden I saw like a shadow pass in front of me.”

“In front of you?” he asked raising his eyebrow.

I shook my head, “No I mean like, in the kitchen. I’m sure if it was in front of me I would see the person.”

“Oh, alright. Please continue.”

“I thought maybe it was Christoper’s pet that he didn’t tell me about, or he had someone else coming over. I knew it couldn’t be him because he’s in the garage. So the interest got into me and I decided to check it out. When I walked in a person with rough hands grabbed my throat and I felt something against my mouth. I’m guessing it’s that drug that makes you fall asleep. Because next I remembered waking up in a room tied up onto a chair.”

“Is it that room that has one light and has a few boxes in the corner?” the men asking taking down some notes.

“Yes, that’s the one.”

“So when I woke up Keith came in and explained how he has this plan of catching me and how Christopher would come and save me. Then little after just random talk he said if I wanted to get out I had to have sex with him.”

I heard Christopher slam his hand on the table. My head snapped towards him and our eyes connected. His were filled with rage.

“Did you?” the man asked, while I kept looking at Chris.

“No.” I turned my head back at the man. “The next day Keith asked me to make the strongest alcohol drink.”

“You know how to make drinks?”

I nodded,” Yeah, I’m a bartender at the local bar. I’ve done it for about a year. So when we entered the room where you guys found him I decided to make a drink that could make him really drunk. Kind of like drug him. I could have a chance of escaping. Well, apparently he got too drugged up and he wanted to take advantage of me. Right before he did you guys showed up.”

I smiled at the end. The man nodded, “Alright, thank you. If we have any more questions we will give you a call. Maybe you sign here and put your phone number in the next box?”

He handed me the paper that had my name and my address. I signed that I gave the interview and wrote my number in the next box. “Thank you.” I said.

“You’re welcome.”

All men got up and walked out the room. I looked at Chris and saw him run his hand through his hair.

“I was so worried about you,” he said looking at me in the eyes.

I gave him a small smile, “I knew you would find me. When I first started talking to you I knew what I was getting myself into. But I didn’t realize that he would get me this fast.”

He walked over to me and sat next to me giving me a warm hug. “Me neither, but I should have stayed with you.”

“It’s fine. Things happen.”

“I have to get better doors, windows, and locks in my house now. But I’m glad that everything is finally over.” he said letting me go and grabbing my cheek.

“Are you sure everything is completely over?”

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To be continued…

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