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[Story] His Bartender – Part 10

“Yes, that’s me princessa. Now be a good girl and keep your mouth shut. I’m sure Christopher told you what I do to the girls that don’t listen to my orders.”

I nodded my head, “Wait, why am I here?” I struggled against the ropes that were tight against my small wrists.

“That makes no sense,”

“What doesn’t? Christopher will get all of his what he calls ‘gang’ and he walks right into this room. Ask he looks at you dead or alive body I shoot him in the head. It’s all that simple. Any questions?”

“What do you mean ‘gang’?”

“I’m not his toy!” I yelled, struggling against the ropes.

“You have no idea. I would love to see you both talk about it. But you will probably be dead by the time he gets here.”

He turned around, “Keep it quiet princessa, I don’t know how long it will take him to get here. I don’t want to kill you right now and smell your rotten body all over my house.”

What time is it? How long was I out for, I should have asked Keith. Although, that’s a risk I wouldn’t want to upset him. Who know what he could do.

I shuttered, I need to get those thoughts out of my head.

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I moved a little bit making a little bit of sound. The boy ignored me not even giving me a glance. He walked towards the left corner and grabbed a box from a large pile of other boxes. He cut the tape with scissors and shuffled the stuff inside.

I cleared my throat.

He looked at and raised his perfect eyebrow that had a piercing at me.

“Um…” I muttered, I don’t know what to say now.

“What?! You got my attention! Nothing to say now?!” he said in a cold raspy voice.

“Um, I-I was wondering.”

“W-what?” He mimicked me. I groaned inside of my head. I swear the second Christopher gets in here I’ll make sure that dickhead with the scissors will be the first one to die.

I huffed, “Why can’t you be one of those sweet guys in the movies that really like the prisoner girl and saves her?”

He laughed, “I could be one of them. But I want something back.”

“What do you want?”

When I came through the white door whipping away some dirt from my pants I looked around the room.

Some magazines were laying on the floor, the pillows that Mia was sitting on were messed up. Something definitely wasn’t right.

“Mia.” I called walking towards the kitchen. Everything was in perfect spots. Nothing is broken. I walked back towards the living room and looked outside to find her car parked. She couldn’t leave the house without her car.

Something was defiantly was wrong.

“Mia!” I yelled again with more force.

Shit. I grabbed my phone with shaking hands and quickly dialed Andres number.

“What’s up?” he asked yawning in the process.

“Mia’s gone, get to my house with Jackson immediately.

“Dude, calm down. She’s probably taking a bath or she went shopping.”

“Andre! God damn it! The car is still here, no water running. She isn’t at the house!” I yelled.

“Be there in 5.” He said and hung up the phone. I ran my fingers through my hair from the frustration. There’s no way Keith could have got inside of my house. I made sure everything was locked. Even though, I knew that he was very sneaky and he would never leave evidence after him. It was defiantly him. I grabbed my phone again and dialed 911.

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To be continued…

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