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[Story] His Bartender – Part 8

Wrestling His Sleep

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Mia P.O.V.

The next morning I woke up with my throat a little bit sore. I was so tired I felt like a ran a mile last night. Maybe I got so scared last night my body still didn’t recover from all that shock. I walked through the small hallway and saw a white door. Hoping that it was a bathroom I opened it with not a lot of noise. The bathroom had a glass shower, a toilet, and a sink with a hand soap next to it.

I washed my face with cold water and took a paper towel to wipe the water from my face. Next, I fixed my hair and walked out.

What happened last night?

As I walked out the smell of eggs and bacon filled my nose. I quietly walked towards the kitchen and saw Christopher wearing gray sweats and no shirt. His back muscles were flexing and I could see a part of his tattoo. His was flipping the bacon with a black spatula and scratching his head with his other free hand.

I guess he felt my presence and he turned around. He gave me a small smile and said, “Morning.”

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“Morning, what are you making?” I asked sitting down at the kitchen table.

“Some eggs with bacon. Want some?”

“Sure.” I nodded placing my hands on the table while he turned around and got a black plate out.

“Would you like anything to drink?”

I thought about it for a second, “What do you have?”

“Um, I have orange juice, black tea, coffee…” he trailed off.

“I’ll have some orange juice.” I smiled and he got out a cup and filled it with cold orange juice that he had in the fridge.

He placed the eggs on my plate and two striped of bacon. He walked over to me, “There you go.”

“Thanks,” I smiled and digged in.

As we ate I decided to ask a question that was in the back of my head since I woke up. “What happened yesterday?”

“Well remember when you were getting your pizza and I was with the two guys in the hallway?”

I nodded, “well they went back to their boss and told me him that you were with me.”

“So what now? They’re after me?”

“Exactly. But don’t worry you’re safe with me.”

“Promise?” I asked raising my eyebrow.

“Promise.” he said showing me his dimple in his left cheek.


“Do you want to go to the gym with me?” he asked placing the plates in the dishwasher.

“If you want me to go.”

He lifted his head up and looked at me, “Of course I want you to go to the gym with me. Plus I told you that I will keep you safe.”

“Right.” I mumbled and stood up. I walked towards my room and got dressed into track pants and a purple hoddie. I couldn’t find my hair tie so I just left my hair down.

As I walked towards the living room I saw Christoper wearing some shorts and a white tank-top. He had a black sports bag over his shoulders and his car keys in his large hand.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Yes. Let’s hope all the food wont go out of my mouth.”

He chuckled and opened the door for me. I walked past him towards his car, but as I did I saw my car standing next to his. My baby, I wonder what gang member was driving it.

I got in his car and we drove towards the gym.

The gym looked like a normal building, it had glass windows and you could see the front desk. There were a few people inside because it wasn’t the weekend. “Sup man.” Chris said as we walked past the front desk.

“Morning sir.” the guy said who looked about the age of 18.

“Come on.” Chris said placing his hand on my lower back and leading me towards the two red metal doors. As he opened the doors, inside I saw three boxing rings and there were two guys fighting in two of them.

Others guys were lifting and some just standing there and talking.

As we walked towards the one in the corner I felt eyes on me, I was the only girl here so I didn’t feel comfortable being in a room full of large bulky guys.

“They wont touch you Mia. Don’t worry.” Chris whispered into my ear.

For about two hours I watched Chris wrestle with few of the guys. I learned that every guy in the room was one of his gang members and he was training the weaker ones to get better. Apparently, everyone knew what happened last night some were giving me sympathetic smiles and others thought that I was just his one night stand.

“Hey girl, you ok?” a voice said behind me. I quickly turned around and saw Andre wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.

“Hey, I’m good.” I smiled. I looked at the man who was standing next to him and he looked a lot like Andre just a lot more intelligent.

“Oh, this is my twin brother Jackson. You didn’t see him at the bar that night because he was out doing his duty stuff.” he said nodding his head.

“Like gang stuff duty?”

“Yeah.” the both chuckled.

“Well nice to meet you Jackson.” I said extending my hand to him. He grabbed it and shook it, “You too.”

“So who’s older?”

“I am.” Jackson said.

“By how much?”

“About 15 minutes.”

“It’s 11 not 15. You idiot.” Andre argued.

I laughed, “15 is same thing as 11 Andre.”

“NO! When you give birth 11 minutes and 15 is a big difference.” he argued stomping his leg. I rolled my eyes at his childness and felt arms go around my shoulders.

“Calm down Andre its 11.” Christopher said with his voice close to my ear.

“It is.” he said back quickly. “Ay John wanna fight?” he yelled at the guy with blond shaggy hair.

“Sure, let’s go man!” he yelled back.

“Alright love birds see you later.” he ran towards the guy with Jackson following him.

“Bye Mia.”

“Bye, nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

Jackson seemed like a really sweet guy. I’m sure if you will ever see him on the streets you would not thing that he’s in a gang. Plus, since he’s Andres twin brother he probably has a high position too.

I looked at Chirstopher and saw his scrunched eyebrows. “You ok?” I asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine. You ready to go?”


As we were sitting in his car listening to music on the radio I realized something.

“Shit!” I said slapping my hands against my thighs.

“What what’s wrong?” Chris said looking at me and around his car making sure there’s no danger.

“I forgot that I’m working tonight.” I looked at him giving him a bored look.

He ran his hand through his hair, “Mia, I thought something bad happened.”

“Well, it’s work. It’s kind of bad for me.”

He smiled, “Why are you working anyways?”

“Because I don’t want to sit at home all day. Why are you in a gang?”

“Hmmm, you’re quick in this game. But that’s a story for another time.”

“You don’t trust me?” I mumbled giving him the best puppy eyes I could.

He leaned in and kiss my nose, “Who knows, you might work for the FBI.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Oh yeah, you caught me.”


As I was wiping down the counter I felt Christopher’s eyes watch my every move. Should I trust him completely withe everything? What happened last night is completely crazy. It was almost I was in some Hollywood movie. I should have not look into the alley and continued walking my way.

Even though I know that one day our paths would have crossed. Even though my life did turn completely upside down I’m missing the days were I can go back to my little house and watch movies all day.

I saw Andre talking to a group of girls and Jackson not too far away. Christopher was sitting at the table with a few guys. I saw a few girls come up to him from time to time but he would just send them back were they came from.

After I was done with my shift he drove me towards his house and I quickly went upstairs. It was 4 a.m. and I was too tired to do anything. I changed into my pajama shorts and a white tank top and plopped down on my bed and waited for sleep to take over me.

After one hour moving from one place to another I still couldn’t fall asleep. So, what my mom always did was to make warm milk with honey.

I walked down stairs and opened the fridge, I saw a bottle of milk with some honey at the back of the fridge. I grabbed the mug from the top of the cupboard and poured some milk with a teaspoon of honey.

“What are you doing awake at this hour?” he said behind me with a sleepy voice. I turned around and saw him wear his gray boxers with nothing else. His hair was messy, almost as if he rubbed it against something.

“I can’t fall asleep so I’m doing this home remedy that my mom always made me when I was a kid.”

“Make it two.” he lifted his fingers up and plopped down in the kitchens chair.

I made him another cup and we both drinked it making a small eye contact.

As we both placed the cups in the dishwasher he started it to clean all the plates from the morning. When I walked upstairs with him behind me I felt his eyes on my butt. Perv.

As I was about to walk towards my bedroom he grabbed my hand and brought my back into his defined chest.

“I don’t think that milk with honey helped me much. Maybe I cuddle buddy will?” he whispered with lust in his voice.

I turned around and looked at his eyes, “Cuddle buddy?”

He nodded kissing my nose. “I didn’t know that a big bad gang leader needs a cuddle buddy.”

He pressed me closer to him, “Well when its a girl wearing a skin tight tank top and shorts I just cant resist.”

“Fine. But only one night.”

And as I said that I knew it wasn’t my last night with him.

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To be continued…

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