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[Story] His Bartender – Part 4 & 5

Pizza Cuddles

The whole day I was slowly cleaning everything in my house with some music on. Once I was done I decided to call my mom because i haven’t spoke to her in over a week.

I searched her name in my small contact list and called her, “Hello?” her sweet voice said over the phone.

“Hello? Hey mom it’s Mia.”

“Oh hellp honey,” she said surprised, as I heard some glass bottles ding in the background.

“Did you forget about me already?” I chuckled softly.

“Of course not. I just picked up my phone without looking at the call ID. How are you? Everything ok?”

“Everything is fine mom, were are you right now?”

“Me and you dad are in Italy right now. It’s our third day here. We might stay here for another week. The wine here tastes amazing.”

“I-um. I want to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“I actually found a job?”

She gasped,”Mia, are we not sending you enough money?”

“I have enough money mom, it’s just boring sometimes to just sit at home all day.”

“Where do you work at?”

“Bartender.” I whispered.

“What? Couldn’t hear you.” she said a bit louder.

“A bartender mom.”

“I know mom, but I’m fine. The bodyguards are there just in case something happens. In fact I’ve been working for over a year now. It’s fine.”

“If anything happens to you I’m suing that place! Understood?” she said in a motherly voice.


“Do you want me to send you anything?” she asked.

She laughed, “Anything else? Maybe a dress?”

“No I’m good. Thanks though.”

“Anytime, well I have to go. Be safe, love you.”

“Love you too.” I smiled and ended the call.

I decided to put on my gray soccer sweats that I got when I was 15 from the school that I went to and I put a light pink lipbalm. I didn’t fix my hair or anything because I have no one to impress and it’s already dark outside.

I jumped into my car and drove towards the pizza place that wasn’t too far away from my place. Luckily I had a free parking space not that far away from the door.

I jumped out of the car and walked toward the pizza place. I heard a few people arguing but I decided to ignore it. Plus even if they are in a gang I shouldn’t interfere because you never know what could happen behind those walls.

As I entered the restaurant I smelt the pizza in the over and a few people sitting around on the tables. On my left, there were a group of teenagers eating pizza and laughing at their friend.

“Hello, are you here for a pick-up or an order?” a girl my age asked with a green cap on top of her head.

“I’m here to order.”

“What can I get you?”

“Can I get a meat pizza without the green peppers.” I asked.

“Of course, anything else?”

“No that’s it. And I’m taking it out with me.”

“Alright, that will be 25 dollars. Do you want cheese in your crust?” she asked typing with her finger on the computer.

“No thanks, I’m good.” I handed her my debit card and pinned my number on the small black machine.

“It will be ready in about 20 minutes.”

I nodded and sat down on a red leather seat that was made for the waiting area.

After it was finally done I grabbed my pizza box that made my drool and walked out towards my car. As I walked back towards my car I heard yelling and some groaning, I really wanted to know what was happening, I hope no one is getting killed. I really don’t want the cops to question me and be put on the gangs ‘blacklist’. I quietly walked towards the corner and saw a large man back in front of me. He looked really powerful with his pose, his fists were clenching and his back muscles were bulging out from his white t-shirt.

I saw two guys in front of him, one looked about the age of 32 and other 28. They looked like they haven’t shaved for a couple of days and both of them had a tattoo on their wrists. Definitely from a gang.

“Who is this little slut standing over there?” one of them said giving me a perverted smile.

I froze on my spot, and the pizza smell was saving me from passing out. The man who’s back was in front of me froze and turned towards me.


“What are you doing here?” he asked with a cold glare.

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Before I could answer him one of the guys threw a punch at his back and Chris groaned. He turned around and started punching both of them.

“Come on De Rege don’t be like that. We can share.” Share what?

Chris punched both of them again.

“Don’t fucking touch, look, or even breath next to her. She’s mine!”

He punched them again in the nose and both of them fell down on the ground. Chris turned towards me and grabbed my arm almost making me drop my delicious pizza.

He dragged me away from the two barely breathing bodies and held onto my waist. “You’re not safe here Mia. What are you doing here?” he frowned looking down at my small body.

“I was just getting my some pizza.” I lifted up the box and biting my lip.

“Don’t do that?”

“Do what? I’m hungry. And I haven’t ate pizza for over a month already.”

He chuckled, “Not the pizza, that lip biting.”

I stopped and my eyes widened. “Sorry?”

He looked at my box and I heard his stomach grumble. I laughed at him and he pinched my sides, “Hey, don’t do that.” I said jumping away from his hold.

“Don’t laugh at me.” he said back giving me a small smile.

“Don’t look at MY pizza.” I gave him a pointed look holding my pizza closer to me.

“Actually since I saved you about a night ago I need my payment back.”

“I didn’t ask you to save me.”

“Too bad, so sad. Now you will pay me with that pizza.” he pointed at it.

I stepped further away from me, “No, I’m not giving you the whole pizza. I would rather burn in hell!”

He laughed, “Come on Mia. Please? I’m haven’t ate anything the whole day.”

“Fine, were do you want to eat it?”

“How about your place? It’s do dangerous to be here.”

I nodded, “Wait, do you have your car with you?”

How is he going to go with me since he probably has his car with him and mine with me.

“I’ll just follow you, don’t worry.”

I nodded my head and walked towards my car with his eyes on my back or more like my ass. Men.

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Christopher is really starting to confuse me, yes he is a gang leader and could probably snap my neck before I could blink. But at the same time he’s like a giant teddy bear that want to cuddle with and not scared off. He has that pull from him that gives you warmth. Warmth that can turn into coldness in seconds. I wonder if he’s really interested in me or he just wants his one night stand.

I saw him before with girls that I knew he later slept with that night. He was different with them. He would whisper his stupid pickup line to them and they would walk out of the bar. With me, he’s actually socializing and he cares about my safety.

As I parked next to my garage the thought that he’s a gang leader was still in my head. I can’t fully trust him no matter what.

I stepped out of my car and saw Christopher walk up towards me with his hands in his pockets. I opened the passenger door and grabbed the pizza that we’re going to share together.

“Follow me.” I said and walked towards the front door. I unlocked it and walked towards the kitchen turning on the light that was on the wall.

I placed the box on the table and turned towards Chris who was watching my every single move. “Do you want some wine with your pizza or something else?”

“The wine is fine.” he nodded moving towards me.

“I only have red.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry.”

I gave him the wine bottle so he could open it and 2 wineglasses. While he was doing his job I took two white plates out and placed it in front of us.

He popped the wine bottle open and poured some in the glass. The wine slowly filling have of it.

“Maybe watch a movie?” he asked.

“Sure, I don’t have any movies. But I do have the Netflix account set up on the TV.”

We took a few minutes to move everything to the living room and I decided to turn on some comedy movie. While we were watching the movie it was really quiet and I would hear a few car pass by the small house.

It was 1 a.m. already and I was really tired and full from the pizza. As I got up from the couch Christopher groaned and plopped down on my spot that I was sitting on. His face hitting the pillow.

“I’m so full.” he groaned.

“Do you want to stay here? Or are you going to go.” I said closing the empty pizza box and stacking the 2 plates on top of each other.

I saw him smirk against the pillow, his left cheek showing a small dimple.

“Are you inviting me to your bed already Mia? I didn’t know you’re were that type of a girl.”

I pushed his side with me right leg, “I meant you sleeping on the couch you idiot..”

“I’m joking. Chill. But yeah I’ll stay. Just bring me a blanket so I wont freeze to death.”

“It’s warm outside.”

“So? You want the gang leader to get sick?” he asked lifting his head from the pillow and smirking at me again.

“I personally don’t care.” I said trying to hide my smile, “But yeah I’ll find a blanket for you.

To be continued…

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