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Steph Curry Makes Fan Do 30 Push-Ups For An Autograph

Steph Curry Makes Fan Do 30 Push-Ups For An Autograph

Steph Curry is on a high right now as he is coming off of yet another NBA championship. This is his fourth title in just eight years, and there is no doubt that he is living the life this offseason. For the most part, Curry has been taking part in golf events, including a celebrity tournament in Lake Tahoe, California. Curry was at the tournament on Thursday, and plenty of fans came out to watch him.

Curry is easily one of the biggest stars at this event, and some people came specifically to get a glimpse of the Warriors star. One fan got to get up close and personal with Curry as he brought his Warriors jersey for Curry to sign. As you will see in the clip below, this led to a pretty hilarious interaction.

After asking for the autograph, Curry told the fan that he could get one if he did 30 push-ups on the spot. The fan immediately did as he was told, and in the end, he was able to get them all completed. Curry seemed to be enjoying the moment, and eventually, Curry signed the autograph even while the kid was still in the midst of doing the push-ups. While some might find this cruel, you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

The kid didn’t seem to mind doing the push-ups considering what he got at the end. Now, his Curry jersey has an authentic signature, and he will forever have the memory of doing push-ups in front of one of the NBA world’s biggest legends.

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