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Azealia Banks Calls Beyoncé A Creep Who Watches Everything She Does

Azealia Banks has a problem with Beyoncé’s latest foray into house music.

Azealia Banks is getting a lot of deserved praise right now. She has always been a champion for house music and her early work certainly fits within that genre. Some fans believe her contributions to house music are immense and that Beyoncé and Drake‘s latest forays into house music can be attributed to Banks’ influence.With that being said, it doesn’t seem like Banks is too fond of Beyoncé’s track “Break My Soul.” Just a couple of days ago, Banks took to Instagram where she urged fans to stop making mash-ups of her songs that also contain “Break My Soul.” She simply said “They are horrible” which is a pretty good indication that Beyoncé’s latest effort isn’t for her.

Now, Banks is going scorched earth on Beyoncé in a series of Instagram stories. Down below, you can see that Banks referenced a recent article in which it was revealed that Beyoncé was listening to Azealia while brainstorming for her latest track. Beyoncé also listed a plethora of influences such as David Asante, Mista Jam, and MNEK. Banks did not take too kindly to this as she feels like Beyoncé isn’t educated enough about the genre. A perfect example of this is how the “Break My Soul” singer didn’t even mention Donna Summer in her list of influences.

“Why feel the need, after 13 years of my career, say you’re ‘brainstorming’ with six people to my early records… which are miles beyond whatever flaccid and insincere attempt you just made to try for an attention grab during pride month?” Banks wrote. “When you don’t give a damn about the gays any other time of the year?”

Banks did not stop there as she unleashed a fury of voice memos on her Instagram story, in which she accused Beyoncé of trying to completely discredit her at every turn. “Beyoncé’s been trying to write me out of my own narrative for years,” Banks said. She went on to say “you’re a joke” to Queen B, and “you’re trying to erase my contributions to house music, dance music…you’re a fucking creep and you watch everything I do.” She also brought up the fact that she wasn’t involved in the Little Mermaid film soundtrack, despite her clear affinity for mermaids.

Whether or not Beyoncé will reach out following this barrage, still remains to be seen.

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