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Watch Desiigner Explain The Meaning Behind “Tiimmy Turner”

Meaning Behind “Tiimmy Turner” –  Desiigner

Ever since his XXL 2016 Freshman Freestyle, Desiigner has confounded the internet with the mesmerizing and melodic “Tiimmy Turner.” After many remixes, teases, and false announcements that the track was dropping, the official version of “Tiimmy Turner” was finally unveiled and proceeded to divide the internet.

In a recent interview with All Def Digital, Desiigner finally clears up the meaning behind “Tiimmy Turner.” In response to the question, “Who is Tiimmy Turner?” Desiigner said, “Timmy Turner is me. I was referring to myself when I was saying I ‘was wishin’ for a burner.'”

He continues to explain the rest of the lyrics: “When I said ‘she fuckin’ for BET,’ I was referring to a girl that, you know, would do anything for the fame. Then I would say in the song that I know that my soul’s in the furnace because if I know that I wish for the burner, and she knows that she would do anything for the fame, you know you go to hell.”

Later on, Mike Dean, producer of “Tiimmy Turner,” joins Desiigner to discuss how they met and came to work on the track together. Watch above.

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