Reasons why you need customer service in your business


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The Need Of Customers Service In Your Business

First Of All who are customer, customers is the heart of every Business either big or small scale of business without them a business man or woman doesn’t exist and the pay even the employees salary so therefore we need to treat them with care.

The way you treat your customer make them come back to your shop for a example Mr John came to your shop and the was no lights everywhere was hot, and your product was full of dust and and he complained the next thing

you did was to hiss on him and and Left him do you know that you have lose mr John and both his friends and family and he will never advice any of his family member to shop with you .

Then take a look at a good customer service Mr John came to your shop and the was no light the place was hot and your product was full of dust what you need is for you to apologize to Mr John and attend to him with a smile on your face and fix what he complain of

this will definitely make him come feel welcome and you have won his heart and will tell his friends and family he will definitely tell people to come to your shop so therefore is very important for you to make your customer happy each time the Visit your store because the are the heart of your business and the pay you salary.

And another thing some business people don’t know is how you take care of your shop really matters alot how you arrange them keep the surrounding neat and tidy is part of customer service you don’t expect a customer to shop in smelling shop or even branch the place and check what you are selling or even to do window shopping that alone pursue customer from entering your shop.

Even when the surrounding is need and tidy then Inside the shop is scatter is a no no for customer because he or she won’t be able to see what the really want but when you arrange your products in other it makes them to shop easily without stress.

Okay take example on yourself you went for shopping and store was well arrange neat and tidy and the people the was nice to you Next time you will definitely want to shop there and you will invite your friends even tell your family

to come and shop there so I strongly believe that every Business customer is the key to it without customer that business is useless, without customer there is no need of opening your shop the are the only people that makes you to Leave your house that is why the need to be treated with care.

The are many types of customer we meet too which are the rude ones, the over too Sabi ones, the ones that claim to know all the Price of things in the market, the one that price your market like you stole them from where you get it From, the one that that check prices from shop to shop to compare,

let’s talk about the rude ones the will come to your shop and Price your market and still be complaining and hiss you at the same Time and the will talk to you like you went to their house and beg them to Come and shop, what you need to do is For to pet them at least at the end of the day the leave your shop with one item.

Now let’s talk about the over Sabi customer you can imagine someone coming to your store to shop the next thing the will say is what you are selling is fake I saw it in Mr kay shop and the will tell you is fake and start some

argument with you what you have to do is to still pet the customer and make the person realize that you don’t sell fake product at the end of day the will definitely shop From you and you will make them your friends and you have won their heart and that of their family.

The Need Of Customers Service In Your Business.

Let’s Talk About the ones that claim to know all the prices in the market for example madam Beverly came to your shop to buy a container of milk then she now ask you how much is your container of milk and you say is 20 dollars she now scream like why are things in your

shop is expensive all the shop sell it for 19 Dollars in that kind of situation what will you do? You need to pet Madam Beverly and let her see reason why you are selling it for 20 dollars I think she Will definitely buy it if truly she came to shop and you will make her your friend and when next she is coming she will come with her friend.

The Need Of Customers Service In Your Business

Now let’s talk about the ones that price your market like you stole it this will make you to get angry to the extent of chasing that customer out of your shop but you have to be patient enough to control abd bears your customer behaviors and let him or her understand that the price has changed or different from the the previous ones.

Winning the heart of your buyer’s as a customers care depends on how you treat them, buyer’s or customers are always on their right, sometimes most of this people act annoying, but for the fact that you need something from them, you will have to bears what he or she said or does and plead with them.

Every business owners needs to smart enough to keep his or her customers, even for that some customers are very difficult to handle, losing one customers seemed like losing a thousand because business spread globally through the help of the customers or buyer’s.


The Need Of Customers Service In Your Business.

We appreciate your time spent on this article, the brave learn from little and make expansion on it.

Customer service on a business, gives it a cool and better look, and this will as well help you manage, package, and out shine other’s businesses because of your standard.


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